Financial Apps and Instant Loans

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As a young employee with tight budgets every month, sometimes I find it very tough to make ends meet especially when my house requires a new instalment or a repair of something that’s already there. I found absolutely no courage to ask to borrow money from my parents. And if I wasn’t going to ask my parents, my friends were definitely ruled out. I even looked at a few banks for loans, but the offered them at very high rates of interest. Moreover, it would take a long time to get things approved if I were to take this traditional route. I was searching for a way where I could get an instant loan, with zero questions asked and that’s when I found EarlySalary! If you are anything like me, continuing reading my experience with EarlySalary, one of the best personal loan apps I’ve ever come across. 


An app as simple to use as EarlySalary has one of the best user interfaces and is jam-packed with a bunch of great services. The whole point of the app is to be able to make your purchases without having your salary limit you from doing so. There are a ton of great loan options that the app provides – loans for education, trips and vacations and even loans for shopping on platforms like Amazon. It also provides a feature called “Instant Cash” which is very similar to an instant loan in all aspects. It is a fast process of applying with a few important documents and after a quick review of your application, you can see the money transferred to your account on the very same day. My experience with this app was just about perfect! I had been meaning to buy a coach for a long time and was not able to save enough for it, as my salary ends up being spent on bills and rent. Instead of taking some money from people I know, I gave this app a try and I don’t regret it one bit. It almost seems like I found this app at the right time, just when I needed an instant loan from somewhere. The money was transferred almost immediately and I was off to buy my sofa the very next day. Now, I am paying back the loan which was also made easy as the rate of interest is affordable at each instalment. 


In a gist, this instant loan app has been a great pleasure to use! I was a bit hesitant to use it at first since I had never heard of it. But the reviews were so good, that I was definitely tempted to give it a try. Now since I’ve had a good run with them, I know where to turn when I need some instant funding for personal reasons.