Effective Competitor Analysis Strategies For App Marketers

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While focusing on marketing your mobile app, the most important thing you have to focus is on performing a detailed study on the competitive market and consumers behaviors. As the market research is a time-consuming process, you have to begin it months before launching your app on the app store. There should more importance is given to implement constant and continued research to identify new players in the competition and keep a keen eye on the strategies they implement. The ratings and reviews that users give a mobile app have great influence in the conversion rates of your app. It is quite important to ensure great user experience and strong customer support in order to buy app reviews android positively.

While implementing research on your potential market competition, you have essentially identified top 3 – 4 competitors in your market and category and figure various insights on them. This may involve what their customers say about their app and business and how they make monetize their apps.

Figure Out Your Potential Competitors

Before you get into identifying your competitors, you have to choose one app and effectively document its optimal value proposition and keyword used in the ASO campaign. In order to come down to a single app in your competition, you can initially prepare a list of top 50 apps that appear on keywords relevant to your market. You may also search the same keyword on the web in order to identify potential competitors. Once you obtain the list of 50 significant competitors, you should analyze each of the apps for features that are similar to the ones you envision in your app.

Out of the 50 apps in your list, you may shortlist 10 apps with features similar to your app and 5 other that ranks top in the organic suggestions on the keywords. This can be easily zeroed to your top 5 competitors potential apps based on the user reviews for each of the app. It isn’t always necessary to choose all the high rated apps. By checking for the ratings of the apps with similar app features you will be able to get insights on what users don’t appreciate. Several tools are available online that can aid you in analyze various competitors metrics and gain clear insights for getting your mobile app optimized.

What Users are saying about your competitors

You can know what users have to say about your potential competitors by taking a thorough analysis of the reviews on the app store page. In this way help you to understand the likes and dislikes of the targeted audience. Instead if rushing to prepare a list of features that works and that doesn’t for your app, you need to take a list of significant keywords in the positive and negative user feedbacks separately. Users often request new features through reviews and this can of great help in your ASO campaign. You can check for the categories that your top competitors are listed on, and this can be much help in making a significant decision in the pre-launch phase of your mobile app.

How do your competitors make money

There are many influential ways in which a mobile app can be enabled for higher returns on investment. Some of the significant ways of app monetization other that paid app purchases are mobile display ads, in-app Purchases, subscriptions, and sponsorships. Choosing the most effective monetization model for your mobile app can be a crucial factor. You have to make sure that you will not be asking users for a sale in a way that affects their user experience. In order to offer the right call to action experiences for your customers, you have to check on competitors’ app for how influential is the in-app advertising in their app, and identify whether there are any ads that interrupt the app’s user experience. For more details visit Appthurst.com

The user journey point in which an app asks users to make a purchase will have great significance in their buying decision. While researching the way your competitors gain their ROI, the most influential factor to check is on how often are users convinced to make an influential buying decision in your app.