Best Practices to Tackle the Competition in the App Stores

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With an increase in the number of apps in the app store we see a huge increase in competition, it is challenging for a new app to get a top position in the app store search results. Here you can find how to take your app to the top of the Google Play and App store rankings using ASO (App Store Optimization).

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#1 App Title

The first thing a user looks at is your app title. Keywords in the title hold the most weight in indexing. That is the reason you ought to incorporate the queries you need to get your to the top app so that potential users can search by. App Store permits up to 30 characters to be utilized in titles, while Google Play permits up to 50. 

In addition, the App Store includes a subtitle where you can likewise include keywords. The keywords from the subtitles are indexed just as the title. Some of the best app store optimization company don’t prompt filling the whole subtitle with keywords. It is smarter to add a suggestion to take action here since this text influences conversion rate.


#2 Keywords and Description

The most important element in ranking your app is executed by a keyword and you must be very clever in choosing the right keywords for your app. Conduct efficient keyword research using various tools available online and come up with a few keywords on your own by thinking from a user perspective. Make a few surveys, experiment the rankings for those keywords before getting your app to the app store. 

Same is applicable to the description, It is a field in the app store where you can give a brief explanation of your app by stuffing all the unique and advanced functionalities of your app. Adding all the potential keywords of your app in the description field is the best thing to do in order to increase the ranking of those keywords and thereby increasing the ranking of your app in the search results.


#3 App Icon

This is the most fundamental component of an app. It’s shown wherever the application is shown and draws in attention. This incorporates places like search results, graphs, the featured apps section, and so forth. For brands that are now notable, it’s ideal to use a logo. For new and little-known apps, an image that emerges is the best.


#4 Screenshots & Videos

The screenshots are the hands-on experience of your app which shows the interior of your app. This can be used to show off your perfectly designed UI. Preview videos educate a user about what exactly your app is and why should they download your app. The App Store allows 10 screenshots for an app whereas Google Play allows only 8. It can be both portrait or landscape format.

These are the few areas you can work on to strengthen the strategy of app marketing for your app. Almost all top apps invest in paid installs and paid campaigns from the best aso agency until they get popular. It is necessary to go for incentive installs if you are aiming for more number of installs. Hope this helps your app marketing strategy.